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Honors, Recognition and Awards


Del Norte County Unified School District
Letter of Recognition and Commendation

Re: Indoor Environmental Services

"It gives me a great deal of pleasure to be able to write this letter recommendation for IES. At the present time, our district is working with IES on a project to conserve electricity. We believe that the conservation will occur and that we will reap the benefits of this project on an environmental basis and on a financial basis.

The reason that our district entered this agreement is due to the outstanding presentation that Stan Butts did to our school board. He presented good numbers, a strong rationale for doing the project and he worked collaboratively with our maintenance and business departments to show savings existed and that IES would continue to work with us when the job was over.

This is the second occasion I have had to work with Stan Butts. He is amiable, cooperative and dedicated to providing not only a good product, but also the service that must go along with that product. I recommend him to you without reservation."


Frank Lynch, Ed. D
Del Norte County Office of Education
Del Norte County Unified School District



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