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Mother Lode Union School District
Letter of Recognition and Commendation

Re: Indoor Environmental Services

"It is with pleasure that I write this letter of endorsement and recommendation for Indoor Environmental Services. In December 2002, Indoor Environmental Services did a comprehensive lighting retrofit for our three schools, the district office and our maintenance and transportation facility. I couldn't be happier with the results. In the six months following the retrofit we are experiencing a thirty-five (35) percent reduction in our electric bill. After factoring in the cost of the project we are returning a minimum of $25,000 per year into our general fund.

Indoor Environmental Services was selected because of my personal knowledge of the quality of its leadership. I have known Mr. Stan Butts, Vice President, for eight years. Seven years ago Mr. Butts, while working for another company., performed a lighting retrofit for the Mother Lode School District. He delivered on every commitment. His predictions for savings were accurate. His promises were all kept and the quality of work was exceptional. When Mr. Butts, Indoor Environmental Services employed Mr. Rick Konkel, Indoor Environmental Services had put together one of, if not the best team in the industry.

The concept of saving money through the upgrading of lighting, HVAC, and HVAC Controls may seem at first too good to be true. There were many skeptics, at first. But, the data has shown that you can upgrade your facility, pay for it out of the savings on your utility bill and still return a significant amount of money into general fund. After carefully tracking the data in my school district I am wondering why every school district doesn't move forward with an energy retrofit project? To not embrace this concept is to send much needed dollars into the coffers of the utility companies. It just makes sense to do a retrofit.

I would strongly encourage any and every superintendent to talk to the team for Indoor Environmental Services. Mr. Butts, Mr. Konkel and the entire Indoor Environmental Services team have the expertise and the integrity to answer any questions and concerns. I have total confidence in their ability to do a good job, but most important I have complete trust in their openness, honesty an integrity. When these folks tell you something, they will deliver.

I give Indoor Environmental Services my highest recommendation."


Paul M. Hewitt, Ed.D. Superintendent
Mother Lode Union School District



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