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Message from the President


Charlie Butts


Building upon our reputation for excellence in customer service, we have led the industry in delivering quality facility solutions. Recognized as one of the best managed mechanical contracting firms in Northern California, we have attracted talented people to join our team.

Our customers in all market sectors of commercial, industrial, real estate, education, medical-healthcare, technology, pharmaceutical, government, agricultural, and food and beverage processing rely on us to bring in-depth expertise, exceptional talent and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our total facility solutions include mechanical, construction, engineering and Design expertise. Services offered are organized around discipline, market and experience.

Our commitment to excellence is formalized by project reviews and our internal continuing education and career development programs. Every project under-goes mechanical, technical and quality assurance reviews. We also provide job specific continuing education programs for our employees in the latest industry developments, including building codes, building methods, materials advances, and technologies for design, controls, monitoring, testing, communications and field operations. Our licensed professionals share their knowledge with other staff, as well as, our customers.

We achieve excellent project outcomes through team development and colaboration. A sharing of ideas, analysis of alternatives, and solutions that work. We succeed in bringing positive outcomes by upholding the trust our customers place in us by meeting expectations and managing projects to stay within project timelines and budget. In every project, we identify and manage the goals, expectations and aspirations of our customers and proactively seek methods for achieving maximum value in design, construction, technical quality and operational performance.

Please feel free to call upon me at any time.

Charlie Butts, Jr., President IES

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