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Indoor Environmental Services offers outstanding customer service, upholds a strict code of business ethics, maintains a safety record above the industry standard, and focuses on continuing education and training for all employees.

Worker's Comp Modification Rate

  2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Employees   205 180 149 162 174
Modification Rate 0.54 0.52 0.51 0.50 0.50 0.63
No. Recordable Injuries   1 1 0 1 0
Total Loss Ratio   0.52 0.61 0 0.75 0

We have a comprehensive Safety Program which includes Safety inspection over-site on all of our projects and in every aspect of our work. It also includes Safety training and support services for all employees. We believe strongly in the reporting of risks so that we may improve conditions and business practices on the spot.

Indoor Environmental Services is a proud recipient of the MSCA STAR designation for Safety and Best Business Practices. From 2014 to 2009 the Company had operated more than 1.2 million hours without a lost-workday incident. Multiple times over, IES has been awarded Safety recognition from the Northern California Mechanical Contractors Association for the Safety Excellence Award as the "Lowest Recordable Incident Rate", the “Zero Injury Award” from SMACNA, the “Risk Control Award of Merit”, “Outstanding Achievement in Safety” and other recognition from a variety of industry and insurance associations. The greatest reward however, is the well-being of our employees.

A third party Safety Assessment of our Program (CSAP) in 2010, measuring our historical performance and forward-looking factors within our company’s safety program, Indoor Environmental Services received the Gold designation. This allows us to work closely with our most safety conscious clients by maintaining a joint commitment to performing and completing projects (tasks) on schedule without incident. As a result of continuous performance excellence, our Workers’ Compensation experience rating for the five most current years has remained at or near the lowest that the WCIRB will issue mechanical contractors; allowing IES to assure our customers and partners that we are focused on being the best.

We design and manage every project (task) to minimize risk.

Deficiencies that involve product quality, safety, design, installation, or maintenance or those that threaten the physical wellbeing of any person or put the financial security of our company or others at risk are reported to the highest levels of management for action.

Promoting Health and Safety is important to us all. Our work processes and policies are designed to minimize risk. We routinely review and improve workplace conditions to ensure a safe and healthful workplace, reporting any unsafe working conditions and always striving to improve our processes and business practices.

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