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Case Study

Client: 1050 Northgate


Facility Type: Commercial

San Rafael, California

Jeff Luchetti Construction

Project Description:
The scope of this project was to replace the 40yr old Central Cooling and Heating Plant for a Water Source Heat Pump Loop on top of a five story high-rise.

The new equipment included:
• Cooling Tower
• Boiler
• Pumps
• Expansion Tank & Air Separator
• Chemical Feeder
• Digital Controls

During the change out of the major equipment, we also changed out all of the existing Roof Top HVAC equipment.
Our Engineering Group coordinated its efforts with our Projects Group to custom build a Cooling Tower & Boiler Pump Skid in our fabrication shop that could be crane lifted into the precise footprint of the existing equipment. By taking this approach IES was able to minimize the systems downtime to within a few hours.

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