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Case Study

Client: St. Helena Unified School District

Facility Type: Educational Institution

Location: 4 Schools in the St. Helena Unified School District
St. Helena, CA

Project Description: Feature, problem, situation, and objective:

• Building “F” at St. Helena Elementary School was served by old and inefficient Heat Pump systems resulting in comfort complaints.

• The existing HVAC temperature controls in the Historic District Office Building do not function properly.  The existing sensors are currently located inside the decorative brass wall plates. The existing sensors provide no accurate temperature sensing and control, especially in the Board Room.

• IES was contacted by the District to see how we could lower their energy and operational costs while providing a positive cash flow.

Advantage/ Solution:

• Lighting systems retrofit throughout the District.

• Replacement of total of (6) old and inefficient Heat Pump HVAC systems with the new high efficient gas-fired systems at St. Helena Elementary School.

• Install a total of (125) Title 24 compliant thermostats that are easily operated by the Staff.

• Provide and install a Tridium web-based Building Automation System with graphics for the Historic District Office and Auditorium Buildings.

• Provide and install a Tridium web based Building Automation System with graphics for Primary School Buildings. Program new Tridium control system to minimize equipment run times and to improve the HVAC system’s efficiency.

• Install a total of (10) Vending Misers resulting in reduced energy use of vending machines.

• Install Energy Star EZ Save software program that has been developed by DOE (Department of Energy) in conjunction with ENERGY STAR, approved by EPA and sponsored by PG&E. 

• Install Trash Compactor at St. Helena High School site.

Benefit or value added:

• District energy costs were reduced by a total of 16.6% a value of $64,334 a year.

• $13,423 a year in operational savings were realized, due to deferred maintenance on the lighting systems and 10-year extended warranty on new HVAC equipment.

• Customer received utility rebates of $20,895.

• $8,073 a year in operational savings resulted from the installation of a new trash compactor.

• Reliable and user friendly web-based Building Automation System was installed.

This customer was impressed by the findings discovered upon the initial site visits, the benefits and the implementation plan.  IES was asked to investigate the feasibility of the PV (solar panels) systems installation.


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