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Case Study

Client: Placer County Office of Education

Facility Type: Education

Location: Newcastle, California

Project: IES was contacted to lower energy and operational costs while providing a positive cash flow.

Customer's problem:

• Inadequate and inefficient HVAC systems serve Pineview School resulting in comfort complaints and high energy costs.

• Existing HVAC temperature controls in Annex Building and Administration Building were outdated and not optimized or functioning properly. 

• Poor air quality reported at several locations.

• Inadequate cooling in Computer and Data Communication Room.

• Lighting systems retrofit throughout.
• Replacement of 5 old and inefficient condensing units with the new high efficient systems at Pineview School along with 5 Title 24 compliant thermostats.
• Installed a Tridium web based Building Automation System with graphics for Annex Building, Administration Building and Secret Ravine School.
• Installed 5 Vending Misers resulting in reduced energy use of vending machines.
• Installed 2 10-ton Liebert units for Computer and Data Communication Room.
• Installed Energy Star EZ Save software program developed by Department of Energy in conjunction with ENERGY STAR, approved by EPA.
• Installed Trash Compactor at Administration Building.
• Installed Ultraviolet Germicidal lamps on 52 HVAC units to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) control, reduce maintenance expenses and provide additional energy savings.

• Indoor air quality issues solved.
• Customer’s energy costs were reduced by 14.8%.
• Annual operational savings realized on lighting systems and 10-year extended warranty on new HVAC equipment.
• Customer received utility rebates.
• $4,236 in operational savings resulted from the installation of the new trash compactor.



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