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September 24, 2005

Indoor Environments Sparks Ultrafast Growth

"It's been a rocket-ride," exclaimed Stan Butts, Vice President of Business Development for Indoor Environmental Services, referring to the company's growth.

Indoor Environmental Services (IES), founded in 1988 by Rus Andrews, has experienced a revenue growth of 75.6 percent in 2002, followed by 63.3 percent in 2003 and 2004 is projected at 65 percent. This growth is largely due to our customers and partnerships forged with the principals of the Company, Ken Petro, Charlie Butts, Jr., and Stan Butts. As a result, IES has been able to join forces with WineTemp of Napa and Shurtech Mechanical of Sacramento. "With the strength of these partnerships we have expanded our services, work-force, offices, plant facilities, and markets," said Charlie Butts, Jr.

Indoor Environmental Services is pleased be honored as one of the "Top 100" fastest growing companies of the year by the Sacramento Business Journal. Improving indoor environments sparked ultra-fast growth for IES, a growth made possible with customer confidence in our services and dedicated IES employees, Thank you.

We are proud to have improved indoor environmental quality and operating services for our customers and by doing so have built one of the fastest growing companies in Sacramento. It is our mission to work together with you as a Team, to earn the TRUST, RESPECT and CONFIDENCE of our most valued assets: our CUSTOMERS and EMPLOYEES. Our company inspires the goals and values to create a strong team environment on every project.

IES would like to take this opportunity to offer our gratitude and appreciation for your business. It has been a sincere pleasure serving you. Please let us know how we may best serve you in the future.

Indoor Environmental Services is a full service Mechanical Contractor involved in Design and Construction of HVAC systems, Service and Maintenance, as well as Facility Solutions Projects for commercial, institutional, industrial, agricultural and health care markets.

For further information contact:
Charlie Butts, Jr., President, Indoor Environmental Services 916.988.8808 or cbutts@ies-hvac.com

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