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January 25, 2007

Indoor Environmental Services Receives Prestigious ENERGY STAR Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Sacramento, CA. – Indoor Environmental Services (IES) has once again distinguished itself as a leading provider of Facility Solutions as recipient of the ENERGY STAR Award given by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Jean M. Lupinacci, Director, Commercial & Industrial Branch ENERGY STAR wrote in his letter of recognition, "Congratulations on earning the 2006 ENERGY STAR...the ENERGY STAR distinguishes your building as one of the top 25% in the nation in terms of energy performance, and makes it a testament to improving our environment..."

This prestigious award was given to recognize the tremendous work done on the 1130 K Street Project. “We are honored to be a recipient of the 2006 ENERGY STAR Award from the Environmental Protection Agency. Our talented and hard working employees were the driving force behind this project and wonderful recognition for IES,” said Charlie Butts, Jr., IES President. “As a company we believe it is most important to develop, build and grow in an environmentally responsible way”.

Jean M. Lupinacci said, "Affixing the plaque (Energy Star) prominently to your building will demonstrate your environmental leadership and allow others to recognize it..." he closed his letter by saying, "Thank you for your contribution to protecting the environment."

IES is proud to be a recipient of the 2006 ENERGY STAR Award, said Charlie Butts, Jr.”.

For further information contact:
Charlie Butts, Jr., President, Indoor Environmental Services 916.988.8808 or cbutts@ies-hvac.com

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