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Performance Contracting is an in-depth Facility Solutions approach to managing and caring for your facility. Many building owners are faced with difficult problems, including:

• Obsolete and inefficient mechanical systems
• Antiquated Lighting Systems
• Energy costs that are out of control
• Increasing comfort complaints and indoor air quality concerns
• Maintenance and repair costs that are rising while budgets are reduced

The bottom line – There doesn't seem to be enough money to deal with these problems, and there is no good answer in sight.

The good news – an answer does exist. It’s called Performance Contracting.

performance contracting services:

  • Facility Energy Analysis
  • Energy Saving Calculations
  • Operational Costs Analysis
  • Equipment Life-cycle Evaluation
  • Variety of Systems Options
  • Comprehensive Facility Strategies
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Improved Facility Infrastructure
  • Operating Efficiency
  • Automation and Optimization
  • Controls
  • Monitoring

Our Indoor Environmental Services (IES) TEAM can provide everything from comprehensive lighting retrofits, HVAC replacements and retrofits, trash management systems, co-generation plants to water conservation. We provide our customers an additional resource and the latest methods to accomplish their facility operations goals and objectives.

IES is able to aid in the rebuilding of your infrastructure while reducing your overall expenses. We have the ability to complete all aspects of any current or future modernization and/or new construction project. A custom comprehensive plan will be developed which optimizes your energy supply, energy use, operations and energy practices - before a solution is initiated.

What is Performance contracting and Facility Solutions?

It is our systematic process of evaluating your building's operating costs and determining what measures can be implemented to improve your facility performance and allow it to operate at its top efficiency. To allow our customers to take advantage of all the benefits of IES and our Facility Solutions approach, we show a detailed schematic illustrating the thoroughness of our investigation of your facility. With this level of detail we can produce a solution which not only generates savings but meets and exceeds both facility and staff needs. Through the entire process the customer is a crucial part of our team and the solutions which are accomplished.

IES is the Performance Contracting firm of choice for successful businesses. Through a combination of knowledge, integrity, commitment, and teamwork, we help our clients achieve their facility performance and budgetary objectives. Day in and day out, we deliver innovative Facility Solutions. Our IES Team will assist you in improving your facility infrastructure, energy operations, associated facility costs and competitiveness in the marketplace. We take pride in being your total Facility Solutions Company.

"Offering Our Customers Quality Facility Solutions"




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