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Clearly a dominant and equally dynamic element of mechanical systems is piping. From sanitary and domestic water applications to process piping and chilled water systems, "piping" is an integral part of a mechanical system.
Our piping expertise carries with it an extensive service background, providing boilers, chillers, cooling towers, and refrigeration systems including sheet metal installation.


specialty trades:

• Hot/Chilled Piping
• Industrial Piping
• Exhaust and Ventilation Piping
• Refrigeration Piping
• Glycol Piping
• Process Piping

IES engineers, design, install and maintain piping systems of every size and complexity. Our project experience includes commercial and industrial applications in office buildings, biotech laboratories, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, agricultural, as well as medical and institutional buildings.

our pipe and frabrication shop features:

• Bridge Cranes
• Submerged Arc Welders with Automatic Positioners
• Automatic Positioners with MIG and TIG Welders
• Hydraulic Groovers and other related equipment
• Computer-driven pantograph, which automatically cuts/shapes pipe
• Structural steel sheet metal fabrication shop
• Orbital Welding
• Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
• cGMP Protocols and Quality Assurance

Our piping craftsmen pride themselves on innovation with a focus on engineering. Our design, prefabrication, installation, upgrades and maintenance of piping systems is always certain to be completed using the most appropriate applications and materials for the project, providing you assurance of quality and cost effectiveness.

Think IES for your next “Piping” project.



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