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In our experience, working with schools to achieve the highest standards for facility performance, we have found that students who study where the light is good, the air is clean, the facilities are quiet have a better chance at getting better test scores and learning more.

Studies have shown that clean, safe, healthy, comfortable, and quiet classroom environments are one of the single most important components of successful teaching and learning. These items have been linked to increased academic achievement and teacher innovation.

IES is a leader in academic interior building efficiency and Facility Solutions innovation. We provide classroom comfort, safe and efficient building interiors to schools which optimize facility use and improve performance, comfort and security. It is our mission to provide significant, innovative, effective, long-term solutions for the unique operational needs of educational institutions.

A typical IES Facility Solutions project can greatly reduce energy costs and improve operating efficiency. Our innovative solutions may include:

  • Lighting Systems
  • Retrofit/Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Replacement
  • Heating Systems Replacement
  • Building and Equipment Conversions
  • Temperature Control
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Comfort and Environmental Health Issues
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Energy Usage and Facility Monitoring
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

Our projects are based upon a shared vision for quality education through improved facility environmental health, safety, efficiency and management. We develop strong partnerships with each school we serve; building open communication, integrity, reliability and trust.

Our in-depth Facility Solutions approach to managing and caring for educational and institutional facilities has found that many buildings are plagued with difficult problems, including:

• Obsolete and inefficient mechanical systems
• Antiquated Lighting Systems
• Energy costs that are out of control
• Increasing comfort complaints and indoor air quality concerns
• Maintenance and repair costs that are rising while budgets are reduced

The bottom line – There doesn't seem to be enough money to deal with these problems…and there seems to be no good answer in sight.

The good news – an answer does exist. It’s called Facility Solutions…from IES.

Our Indoor Environmental Services (IES) TEAM can provide everything from comprehensive lighting retrofits, HVAC replacements and retrofits, trash management systems, co-generation plants to water conservation. We provide our customers an additional resource and the latest methods to accomplish their facility operations goals and objectives.

Indoor Environmental Services identifies all the ways our customers can cost-effectively reduce energy consumption and cut operating costs while improving the building environment. Once the measures are identified they are submitted for approval and funding is arranged to finance the improvements. Finally, we complete the work and the resulting savings are used to make the loan/lease payments.

Our project team has been assembled to deliver the most cost effective and high quality capital improvements utilizing the lease/leaseback construction and financing mechanism to ensure our customer retains control over every aspect of a Modernization/New Construction project. Our team consists of Harbison-Mahony-Higgins Builders Inc., performing the overall project development and project leadership; Indoor Environmental Services providing Facility Solutions and performing specialized mechanical and electrical work; Municipal Finance Corporation to assemble the lease/leaseback financing.

IES Educational Facility Solutions Services:

• Facility Energy Analysis
• Energy Saving Calculations
• Operational Costs Analysis
• Equipment Life-cycle Evaluation
• Variety of Systems Options
• Comprehensive Facility Strategies
• Reduced Energy Consumption
• Improved Facility Infrastructure
• Operating Efficiency
• Automation and Optimization
• Controls
• Monitoring

IES is the Facility Solutions firm of choice. Through a combination of knowledge, integrity, commitment, and teamwork, we help our clients achieve their facility performance and budgetary objectives. Day in and day out, we deliver innovative Facility Solutions.

Our IES Team will assist you in improving your facility infrastructure, energy operations, associated facility costs and safety. We take pride in being your Total Facility Solutions Company.




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